Helping you spend less on IBM software & support

Our team of ex-IBM license auditors and ex-IBM Account managers will help you to pay significant less for your IBM Software, Cloud and Mainframe products.

When you should call us

I’m being audited by IBM

You’ve received an IBM license audit letter.

We can help you defend this audit and massively reduce the cost of settling with IBM.

Our team, which includes ex-IBM auditors, know what to expect and will guide you through it.

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Our Enterprise License Agreement is up for renewal

You are preparing to negotiate an IBM Enterprise Agreement.

We can prepare your team to negotiate with confidence ensuring you get more value from IBM

Our team, which include ex-IBM Account Manager, know how to play IBM at their own game.

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We need to know our IBM license position quickly

You need to know you IBM license position.

You might want to cancel IBM S&S, reduce license costs or prepare for a big project.

We can quickly determine your IBM license position. Where you can reduce license costs and compliance risks.

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Our setup of BigFix/ILMT is broken

Your deployment of BigFix / ILMT needs attention.

You have discovered your BigFix / ILMT reporting is wrong, bundling incomplete or needs an upgrade.

Our team of BigFix / ILMT experts can upgrade and repair technical issues. They can also configure reports (bundling) to reduce costs.

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We need to reduce IBM Mainframe cost.

You don’t know how to reduce mainframe costs.

Mainframe costs, HW or SW, are increasing and you don’t know how to stop it.

Our team of IBM Mainframe experts can provide technical solutions. While our ex-IBM Account Managers can provide contract solutions

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Why Choose Us

Unwavering Focus: Our dedicated team comprises license and technical experts with an exclusive focus on IBM licensing, contracts, and management tools. Our sole mission in every engagement is to drive down your IBM costs.

Seasoned Team: Our team boasts former IBM auditors and IBM Account Managers,  They are supported by technical experts in ILMT, BigFix and Flexera. With the advantage of having been on the other side, we know exactly what to anticipate in any interaction with IBM. Now, this valuable experience is at your disposal.

Independence: We maintain complete independence from IBM, their resellers, business partners, IASP partners, and auditor partners. Our guidance is always rooted in your best interests. Our goal is to help you reduce IBM costs, not increase them.

Proven Project Expertise: Having successfully delivered over 100 projects across various industries, we have honed our systems, tools, and expertise. This extensive experience ensures exceptional results every time. We consistently uncover opportunities for cost reduction.

Minimal Disruption: Leveraging our tools and experience, we execute projects swiftly and with minimal impact on your team. This approach allows your team to maintain its focus on your core business operations.

Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI): We have unwavering confidence in the value of our services. As a testament to this, we offer a guarantee of a positive return on investment (ROI). We pledge to identify opportunities to reduce your IBM costs or mitigate risks exceeding the consultancy fee you invest in us.

Choose us for unparalleled expertise, independence, and a commitment to delivering tangible value by lowering your IBM costs and risks.

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