12 Checks to ILMT to ensure IBM license compliance

Got a monthly Run Book for ILMT sub-cap reporting? If not then you are probably falling out of compliance #itam tips

If you are taking advantage of IBM sub -cap licensing then you already know that you’ll need to be running ILMT and that it must be maintained in a certain way for IBM to accept your quarterly reports.

ILMT requires constant monitoring and maintenance if the audit reports are to be accepted by IBM (or their auditor).

That’s where a monthly run book comes in. This is a series of checks, with full instruction on how to execute them, that must be passed each month. Having them done monthly ensures you have time to resolve issues (there are always issues !) before the official audit report is generated quarterly.

Typical checks that appear in an ILMT Run Book are:

  1. On latest version of ILMT
  2. PVU and Signature files downloaded and propagated
  3. Fixlets downloaded and deployed
  4. Servers scanned reconciled against CMDB or other server list
  5. All servers (virtual and physical) reporting back successfully
  6. All VM Managers reporting back
  7. Differences between last month and this months report understood
  8. Last months issues resolved
  9. This months issues raised Incidents
  10. PMR raised with IBM for any BigFix and ILMT issue (very important)
  11. Escalation on any issues if quarterly Audit Report due
  12. Monthly report to Management on ILMT Health and any sub-cap compliance risks

This list is not exhaustive but I hope you begin to understand the value of having a run book for ILMT to ensure you are compliant.

Your Input

Do you have any checks you think should be included in our ILMT Run Book, if so I’d love to hear from you.

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