When your organization enrolls in the Passport Advantage (PA) Program to allow them buy IBM products you nominate a Primary Contact for a PA Site.  Your organization may also nominate contacts for a range of other roles : Administration Contact, Site Technical Contact (STC), Secondary Contacts, Billing Contact, etc. The contacts will receive important updates relevant to your IBM license entitlement.  Updates that could have a significant financial impact on future license costs! Over time the PA contacts may move department, change role, change email address or leave the organisation.  Now those important IBM updates are not being monitored.


You need to routinely check (at least annually) that the PA contacts are still valid.  In particular the Primary Contact for the PA site.  It is also advisable to have 2-3 Secondary Contacts setup so you are not reliant on one email address for updates or access. Add a reminder in your SAM Team calendar or service desk tool to be sure.