IBM License Management and Optimization

Managing and optimization your IBM license deployment to ensure the you are getting the most from your investment in IBM products while still remaining compliant

Definitive Guide to IBM Licensing for Hot, Warm and Cold Standby Machines

2023-07-23T08:40:25+01:00IBM License Management and Optimization, Popular|

“*IBM License Tip* Reduce your IBM license costs by demonstrating your backup is not a Hot Standby” Introduction When it comes to reducing your IBM licensing costs one of the [...]

Top 10 Gotchas When Licensing IBM Software and SaaS and how to avoid them

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Introduction IBM licensing for both cloud and on-premises can be complex and mistakes costly.   What follows are 10 of the most common IBM licensing "gotchas" I've encounter over the many [...]

10 Reasons to consider the IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) Program

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Introduction Managing IBM licensing is a challenge for all organizations.  The complexity and financial risks are frequently underestimated until there's a license audit that results in a large unbudgeted compliance [...]

10 Questions to ask your IBM ILMT Administrator – to ensure IBM license compliance

2020-08-27T12:20:32+01:00IBM License Audits, IBM License Management and Optimization|

Overview If your company wants to take advantage of the significant cost reductions IBM sub-capacity licensing offers it is important that you have ILMT, deployed, configured, and correctly reporting your [...]

IBM Supporting (Bundled) Products and how to use them to reduce license costs

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  “Take advantage of Supporting Products to reduce IBM license costs” When you buy an IBM product (also know as a Program) you are usually buying a collection of products.  [...]