Guide to IBM Aspera Licensing

Guide to IBM Aspera Licensing

IBM Aspera is a software product that helps users move critical files and data sets of any size at maximum speed over your existing infrastructure and worldwide IP networks. It uses protocols like FTP, web browsing, and other file transfers rely on the TCP but adds functionality to overcome their limitations. This post serves as a guide to Aspera licensing.

The underlying FASP® technology natively integrated into all leading public cloud platforms allowing data transfers to write directly to underlying object storage APIs for instant data access.

Aspera Licensing Options

IBM Aspera can be licensed in the following ways:

  • Aspera Perpetual licensing
  • Aspera on Cloud
  • Aspera on Demand (AOD)
  • Aspera Client licensing

IBM Aspera Perpetual licensing

The Aspera Perpetual license is determined by the the maximum bandwidth of the server transferring data. This metric is suitable for on premise servers and where the capacity is known. The table below can be used as a guide.

100Mbps45GB per hour1.08TB in 24 hours
300Mbps135GB per hour3.24TB in 24 hours
500Mbps225GB per hour5.4TB in 24 hours

1,000Mbps450GB per hour10.8TB in 24 hours
Aspera license capacity table

IBM Aspera on Cloud

IBM also offer IBM Aspera on Cloud a hosted service. All of the feature of on premise product but hosted on your behalf.

IBM Aspera On Demand (AOD)

Aspera On Demand (AOD) is a comprehensive set of Aspera’s top-performance server software. AOD can be easily used in any major cloud infrastructure provider like Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

Aspera Client Licensing

Aspera requires one of two transfer methods to power high-speed transfers between user desktops and Aspera transfer servers. Users can either download and install Aspera Connect, lightweight, install-on-demand software program or you can configure the IBM Aspera HTTP Gateway and attach it to your Aspera on Cloud organization

Aspera Connect client software is free of charge. Organization only deploying the Aspera Connect clients do not need to pay any licensing fees for this product.

Aspera on Cloud is a for-charge SaaS solution.

For any questions about Aspera Licensing, please contact us.

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