Why Your IBM ILMT Licensing Reports Are Probably Wrong

Your IBM ILMT licensing reports are wrong & what to do about it

When a technical team implement BigFix Inventory and ILMT the job is only half done. You still need to customize the reports to your specific deployment of IBM products and the licenses you have purchased to ensure ILMT is correctly reporting your license usage.

Software classification and automated bundling, are the processes by which ILMT determines if a product is deployed and what license it needs is limited. If there is a uncertainty, ILMT will assume the server needs the most expensive license for the highest number of cores. This is why your IBM ILMT licensing reports are usually wrong.

“Default configuration for license bundling in ILMT is never correct.  Update bundling to significantly  reduce your IBM license costs”

IBM License Optimisation Tip #10

What is the default configuration of ILMT reports?

The foundation to ILMT reports is a process process know is called software classification. ILMT “out of the box” converts the component information it receives from the BigFix agents to licensable products.

ILMT software classification uses an algorithm to determine the type of license to assign to a server and the quantities of license required. It starts by assuming all servers have a status of Production, the most expensive license. It then assumes all programs or products it identifies require a full license.

This is not an optimal measure of licenses demand and can be significantly improved upon.

Improve ILMT reports by defining software entitlements

You can significantly improve software classification in ILMT and ultimately the number of licenses you require by importing your IBM license entitlement into ILMT in a process called defining software entitlements in ILMT.

With a list of your entitlement ILMT can more accurately assign licenses and more importantly exclude products from requiring licenses in a process know as automated bundling.

What are IBM software license bundles

When you buy a program from IBM you get entitlement for the primary program as well as entitlement for a number of supporting programs. This is what is known as a software license bundle. You can see what programs are bundled with a program by looking up the name and version of the product in the IBM License Information portal.

Under certain conditions, described in the license information page for the the product, the supporting programs do not require an additional license. By going into ILMT and updating the software classification for the product you can exclude it from the license demand calculation. This can have a significant impact on reducing license demand and ultimately license costs.

Opportunity to reduce IBM license costs

There is a tremendous opportunity to reduce your IBM license and S&S costs if your organisation has not manually updated ILMT and has been buying licenses over the years based on these calculations.

By simply going into ILMT you can apply the various license rules retrospectively to ILMT you can significantly reduce license demand.

Does changing ILMT impact server configuration?

Updates to ILMT have not impact on the underlying inventory data from BigFix. You are not changing server or network configurations. You are simply correcting the interpretation of the data and the calculation of the PVU or RVU count to match what you have licenses for.

Is changing ILMT difficult?

Making the changes to ILMT to reduce your license requirements is not difficult. IBM provide excellent documentation on configuring ILMT. The real challenge is in understanding IBM license rules so you know what to change.

The License Information provided by IBM for each product is a good starting point. Look up the product and version and it will provide you with the license rules.

Unsure about IBM License Rules?

If you are not an expert in IBM licensing then you’ll need to get advice. Making the changes although time consuming is not difficult. Knowing exactly what can be changed, based on the license rules is where you’ll need help. If in doubt get help.

ILMT Licensing – Conclusion

There are huge savings to be made in IBM licensing by taking the time to manually adjust ILMT to report the correct license usage in your organisation. With a little research and some careful updates to the ILMT configuration you can realise these savings with no impact to the business.

FAQ on ILMT Licensing