IBM Licensing Newsletter April 2023

IBM Newsletter April 2023

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝

I hope you’ve been keeping on top of your quarterly reports to qualify for IBM Sub Capacity licensing! Cost reductions are significant but it can swing the other direction if you don’t continue to meet the requirements

End of quarter is a common point for many organisations to save the required reports. Before you archive the ILMT audit snapshot report pack please make sure the evidence is correct, it will be very hard to argue later if a review finds you have been under reporting over a long period of time. 

I recommend that you review your ILMT (deployment) reports monthly so you have time to find and correct any issues early. 

You’d be surprised how often a server that was suppose to be decommissioned is still running. Or a VM running an IBM product stack has been moved to a bigger cluster without anyone considering the license impact. 

I recommend the license management team (SAM) are one of the CAB approvers for all server changes, especially if processors are involved (impacts PVU, RVU and VPC metrics). 

An increase in cores allocated from 4 to 8 can bring with it a significant increase in license costs. Equally a reduction in cores can free up licenses for other project.

Keep on top of your sub capacity licensing requirements to ensure you are getting the most value from your investment in IBM!

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News related to IBM and Red Hat licensing.

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IBM Licensing Tips 💡

  • Check your ILMT Audit snapshot reports monthly so you have early warning of any issues and time to remediate. If it’s your fist time or your are unsure what to look for get training or consider outsourcing.

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