IBM Licensing Newsletter August 2023


Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝

Migrating IBM workloads to public cloud?

I’m seeing more and more clients moving IBM workloads from on-premise to the public cloud ( most frequently Azure, AWS and Google). In every case there has been a significant increase in IBM license costs.

Some of the causes for the IBM license “inflation” 📈 are:

  • Cloud servers significantly slower than the on-premise servers the loads are migrating from
  • VMs in public cloud significantly slower than equivalent VMs on premises
  • latency issue when accessing the applications on public cloud
  • redesign of architecture to accommodate running in public cloud
  • Additional backup and HA requirements for running in public cloud.

In all cases the teams responsible for the migration have done a cloud assessment, run multiple POCs and modelled out the different cloud consumption costs. What they have underestimated , in some cases in the millions, is the license costs of moving to public cloud.

If your organisation is planning to move IBM workloads to the public cloud they need to ensure they clearly understand the IBM license costs. The good news is that the IBM license costs can be significantly reduced if it is consider in the design at the start,

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Planning a migration of IBM products to a new data centre of public cloud? There is a high risk you will breach IBM Temporary Additional Use Policy of 90-days. Negotiate for a longer temporary use period, 120 or even 360 days, to avoid compliance issues later.

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