IBM Licensing Newsletter December 2022

IBM Licensing Newsletter December 2022

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝- Plan your year

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock on where you stand today and what you hope to achieve in the coming year.  I’d urge you to think about how well you’ve been managing your IBM licensing and what needs to be done in the next 6-12 months.
You want to ensure you are getting the most from your investment and there are no surprises lurking in your network.
Some tasks to consider scheduling in the next 12 months:
  • ILMT audit snapshot reports.  Reviewed monthly and all issues cleared for quarterly
  • Upgrade to ILMT.  At least twice per year
  • Review entitlement in PA for any changes, especially where there are several PA sites.  Annually
  • Products deployed that are EOS.  Annually
  • Update license baseline, refresh annually.
  • Meeting with IT Architects on planned upgrades or migrations.  Quarterly.
  • Meeting with procurement on planned purchases.  Quarterly.
This is not an exhaustive list, I just want to get you thinking so you are not panicking later when there are resource or budget pressures.
I’d love to hear your thought and questions related to IBM licensing.  Leave a comment below or email me at

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