IBM Licensing Newsletter January 2023

IBM Licensing Newsletter

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝

The big news this month was the publishing of a new International Passport Advantage Agreement (IBM IPAA). This is the foundational agreement when purchasing IBM licensing for servers (distributed) and services. To fully appreciate why this is a big deal, the last time this agreement was changed was in 2017.

A lot has changed in technology in that last 5 years. Changes to the wording in this document are important to understand and impact what rights you have in the future.

As a web based agreement the new IBM IPAA does not require an explicit signature by your organisation to become enforced. An organisation indirectly accepts the changes when they next transaction with IBM, typically on renewing their S&S .

There have been a number of important changes. The most significant being the rewrite of paragraph 4.1 License Verification. There have also been changes in other paragraphs that might be relevant to your organisation. Links to posts below.

I strongly advise anyone procuring, reviewing IBM contracts or managing IBM licensing to take the time to review the updated IPAA. At the very least let the legal team know there has been significant changes to a base agreement that impacts your organisation and to put on their review schedule.

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Other news

  • A recent addition to the IBM Software Licensing website, Preparing for an IBM audit. It’s an excellent starting point if this is your first time. Of course it’s missing a few critical steps that help reduce your exposure that an expert could help you with 😉
  • ServiceNow (Utah) posted an update on their publisher pack for IBM. The Anglepoint Elevate integration caught my eye in this update. It promises to reduce the burden of managing your IBM licensing by automating the identification and bundling of IBM products. Light on details, I’ll need to dig into this a little more.

What I’ve been reading, listening or watching 📚 🎧📺

  • Predictions from Kevin Barnes the Version 1 IBM license guy “Thoughts on IBM in 2023” Part 1 and Part 2. Kevin has a few other posts on IBM on medium worth a look.
  • I’ve been checking out The Four Hundred (Power Systems & IBM i Insights) blog from IT Jungle. This is niche even for IBM licensing people but if you have iSeries in your organisation it’s worth a look as they link to other communities and vendors that may interest.
  • Another cast from Two Irish Guys Discussing Software, The Power Of A Healthy Skeptic Mindset. There is always some news on IBM licensing in this cast but also covers the wider license eco system.
  • An IBM resource you should be aware of, the IBM End of Support Announcement Letters page. A quick scan of this page every 6 months will warning you if one of your products (by version) is coming to the end of support.
  • Listening to The Almanac of Naval Ravikany for the 2nd time, it’s that good

I encourage you to use the hashtag hashtag#ibmlicensing when you find a post this audience might be interested in so it can be found more easily.

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