IBM Licensing Newsletter June 2023

IBM Newsletter June 2023

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Oracle recently announced that Java SE Universal Subscription would be replacing other subscription options, significantly increasing costs for many organizations. Where an organization has a large number of employees expect Java SE subscriptions costs to rise by 100X.

If you are using Java SE it is very difficult to go without a subscriptions dues to cyber security policies.

Where an organization has a large number of employees expect Java SE subscriptions costs to rise by 100X.

What’s this got to do with IBM licensing I hear you ask 🤔. There are a number of alternatives to Oracle Java, OpenJDK being one of the most popular with both IBM and Red Hat provide supported releases at a significantly lower cost.

Whatever your Java licensing strategy and choice of vendor you need to understand the size of the problem and available options. I recommend you do a few things:

  • Establish all the servers on which Java SE is installed, including the versions and editions.
  • Identify all servers you can removed from scope
  • false positive, non-prod, legacy, for decommissioning, etc
  • covered by an another vendor license (SAP, IBM, Weblogic EE, etc)
  • version of Java free and/or acceptable by cyber security policy.
  • java not used and can be uninstalled
  • other acceptable reasons to exclude
  • Model the cost of the different subscriptions out for a number of years.
  • Model cost of uninstalling or replacing over a number of years

Once you have a clear view of the costs you can make an informed decision on versions, editions and vendor to use for Java SE.

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