IBM Licensing Newsletter November 2023

IBM Licensing

News for the month from the world of IBM Licensing.  Links to posts, webinars, announcements with expert commentary.  I’ve done the digging so you get only the good stuff.

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝

This month has proven to be exceptionally busy, primarily due to the approaching year-end at IBM. This impacted my newsletter schedule, sorry.

Clients are currently receiving early ELA renewal offers, facing the need to expedite audits, and dealing with spontaneous requests to validate usage on higher-priced products.

While none of these developments should catch anyone off guard, as they occur every year, I recommend that both my clients and you be ready to respond to these requests. Hopefully, you can capitalize on IBM’s offer, but it’s crucial to do so on your own terms and according to your schedule.

If your ELA renewal is scheduled for 2024 or if you haven’t undergone an audit in over three years, anticipate a software license review in the upcoming year. I strongly encourage you to start your preparations early.

Even if you don’t get the audit you will be prepared for your IBM ELA negotiations.

I’d love to hear your thought and questions related to IBM licensing.  Leave a comment below or email me at

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  • Have an end of month, quarter & year checklist for reviewing your IBM license compliance and optimisation link
IBM Licensing

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