IBM Licensing Newsletter September 2023

IBM Licensing Newsletter September 2023

Thoughts on IBM licensing🤔📝

Did you know there was an IBM price rise announced this month?

Unless you are subscribed to myNotifications from IBM you will have missed the announcement and potentially many more.

If you are responsible for IBM licensing in your organisation you need to setup myNotifications.  It’s not enough to just subscribe, you must tailor it to the products your organisation have and the announcements appropriate to your role.  Otherwise you will miss important updates in the blizzard of other emails.

If you are too busy or it’s not your direct responsibility then make sure someone in your organisation is getting the notifications and acting on them!

I’d love to hear your thought and questions related to IBM licensing.  Leave a comment below or email me at

📢News and IBM Announcements

  • IBM announce Price Change(s) for 2024 across all products. 6% on average for distributed (server ) products.  See link below for more details.
  • IBM have published a IASP White Paper: “Putting clients in control of their software licensing”.  All very positive as you might expect but it does indicate how serious they are about the program.  Expect IASP to come up as the solution to every audit!
  • HCL have updated their page on HCL Processor Value Licensing (PVU) for Distributed Software.  Download here.  This is a merge of multiple pages.  It is consistent with IBM sub-cap rules but there are exceptions for certain HCL products.
  • Latest edition the HCL BigFix Newsletter on LinkedIn. Most of the readers of this newsletter are only interest in the Inventory module (collects deployment data for licensing) but it’s useful to understand the wider use of BF

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IBM Licensing Tips 💡

If you see 120 PVU in an ILMT report you probably have an issue that needs attention immediately before it becomes a significant license cost ” – post

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