How to change ILMT software classification


When using IBM license metric tool (ILMT) in managing your IBM licensing there will be times when you’ll need to update the automated bundling carried out by the tool.  What follows are the steps to update the default assignments made by ILMT.

Before you start

If this is the first time you have looked at ILMT Software Classification the following resources will help:

IBM Training Videos on ILMT

IBM Pages on ILMT

And the following URLs contains written guidance about the software classification process

Steps to change ILMT software classification

  • Login to web console for ILMT
  • Hover over Reports, and click Software Classification
ILMT Reports-Software Classification
  • Select a component or components that you want to assign
  • Apply Filters:
    • Present = Any
    • Suppressed = No
    • Product Name = (for example) IBM Planning Analytics Local TM1 Server for Non-Production
  • Make change e.g. Assign a new metric
  • On completing the requested software classification actions, generate a new audit snapshot
    • Go to the “All Metrics” page
    • Click on “Recalculate”
    • Click on the “Audit Snapshot” button

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