IBM License Costs

10 Tips to Help You Better Manage Your IBM License Costs

Your organization has invested significantly in IBM software, often in the millions. You now want to maximize your return on …

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“IBM Software Audit”

Recovering from a Poor IBM Software Audit

Facing an IBM software audit can be a nerve-wracking experience for any organization. The potential for hefty fines, unexpected costs, …

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IBM ELA Renewal

Defense Contractor Saves $2 Million on IBM ELA Renewal

Our client, a prominent international entity specializing in defense, aerospace, and security, serves both governmental and private sectors. With a …

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Guide to IBM Licensing by Server Status (Production and Non-Production)

A Comprehensive Guide to IBM Licensing by Server Status

In IBM licensing, the status assigned to a server, production or non-production, can significantly influence license requirements and costs.
Your IBM ILMT licensing reports are wrong & what to do about it

Why Your IBM ILMT Licensing Reports Are Probably Wrong

When a technical team implement BigFix Inventory and ILMT the job is only half done. You still need to customize …

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Guide to IBM Aspera Licensing

Guide to IBM Aspera Licensing

IBM Aspera is a software product that helps users move critical files and data sets of any size at maximum …

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IBM License Risk

IBM license risk when VMs “wander” around the server farm

IBM software is typically deployed on virtual machines (VMs), which in turn are deployed on a physical server (host). Two …

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IBM License Audit – Initial Response

You have received an IBM license audit notice. What should you do next? Don’t panic. This post shares some of …

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IBM License Audit

Guide to Responding to an IBM License Audit

When it comes to an IBM license audit, it is understandable if you are feeling overwhelmed.  Managing your IBM licensing …

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ISO 19770-1

Evolution of ISO 19770-1

The latest iteration of ISO 19770-1, released in 2017, marks a significant transformation from its predecessor. Join us as we explore the key changes and implications of ISO 19770-1: 2017