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Wherever you are in the IBM license or audit lifecycle we can help

IBM License Compliance Review

Our IBM License Compliance Review will help you to quickly determine if you are compliant for IBM licensing.  It will ensure you are ready should you receive an audit letter.

If we find any compliance risk your team have the time to fix the problems without the pressure and additional cost if the problem had surfaced in an audit.

We will also highlight areas you can reduce your license cost.  Products no longer in use but for which you are paying S&S, products that are bundled and can be used without additional licenses, false positives in your inventory, problems with your BigFix Inventory or ILMT reports.   These all add up to be substantial savings

The compliance review will provide:

  • Details of the IBM license entitlement you have purchased and have under S&S.
  • Measurement of the IBM products deployed using the appropriate metric.
  • Areas where license costs can be reduced and S&S cancelled.
  • Your license compliance position for IBM.
  • Guidance on how to remediate any gaps or problems found.

Your team will know if they have any IBM license gaps and what to do to fix the problems.

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IBM Audit Defense

Our IBM Audit Defense service will ensure you are one step ahead of the auditors at every stage in the process and pay the minimum to settle any compliance gaps.

An IBM audit is not an expected event. We can help you to quickly collect and prepare your declaration minimising the impact on your team.

Our team, which includes ex-IBM auditors, will be with you throughout the audit process. With our support you will be confident in your negotiations with IBM and the final settlement.

The audit defence will include:

  • Quickly estimate of the size of the compliance risk.
  • Verify your IBM license entitlement and S&S.
  • Correctly measure the IBM products deployed.
  • Review all communication and data shared with auditors.
  • Advise your team during negotiations.
  • Review any settlement deal and close out the audit.
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Enterprise License
Agreement (ELA) Renewal

Our Enterprise Agreement (ELA) Renewal service helps your team understand what they have, what the business needs in the future and the optimal mix of products to purchase from IBM to meet those requirements.

We’ll prepare your team to negotiate with confidence and coach them throughout the process from start to finish.

You’ll get more value, pay less and get better concessions from having availed of this service.

The Enterprise Agreement renewal defence will include:

  • Establish what IBM products the business need for the next 3-5 years.
  • The appropriate quantities and license metrics.
  • Develop negotiation strategies for your procurement team.
  • Mentor the negotiating team through the procurement process.
  • Review final contracts.
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IBM License Metric Tool
(ILMT) Health Check

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is complex to both install and configure. If it is not done correctly there is a risk you will not be compliant and will be forced to buy more IBM licenses than you originally budget for.

A correctly configured and optimised instance of ILMT not only ensures you are compliant but could reduce your future license costs.

Our ILMT Health Check will ensure the tool is running correctly and complying with IBM sub-capacity rules. If any problems are found we’ll guide your team on how to resolve the issues and prevent the issues occurring in the future.

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Health Check will include:

  • Review installation, configuration and patching of ILMT.
  • Ensure scanning working as required.
  • Review product bundling to ensure it is optimal.
  • Confirm license compliance.
  • Verify IBM audit reports are accurate and correctly archived for future audits.
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