Who’s checking the IBM license metric tool (ILMT) reports?


Got IBM products? Are you sure the ILMT audit snapshot reports have been run this quarter & are they correct?

If you have IBM products in you network you will almost certainly need to be running the IBM license metric tool (ILMT). There are few cases where an organisation will not need to have ILMT running to ensure IBM license compliance.

The mistake that many organisations make is thinking that once ILMT is up and running they are now compliant. If only it were that easy. Not only does ILMT need to be constantly maintained but a set of audit reports also need to be generated every quarter as evidence of compliance.

Who in your organisation has responsibility for running and checking the quarterly reports?

Unless you (the ITAM team) are receiving a copy of these ILMT audit reports you must assume they are NOT being run and the organisation is accruing a significant compliance risk every quarter that goes by without these reports.

When (not if) the IBM auditor comes the first thing they’ll ask for is 2 years worth of ILMT audit reports, are you confident you could produce them today and would they be correct?


Don’t assume you are audit ready for IBM or that someone else is has taken care of the running of ILMT audit reports. Verify not only that the reports are being run every quarter but also that the content is correct.